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Alexandria Marcus runs a company called HEARTfood.  She works with individuals who struggle with emotional eating and endless diets that want to make peace with food, peace with their body, and truly love who they are, inside and out, on a daily basis.

Tell me if any of these are familiar:

  • You’ve struggled with overeating, chronic or yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, binge eating, or you just plain know you have stuff with food and your body.

  • You’ve tried everything out there (bouncing around to different diets, weight loss programs, nutritionists, therapists, personal trainers, etc.) only to find yourself back where you started, feeling confused, defeated and exhausted.

  • You’re sick of being inundated by conflicting information and “experts” around your health and wellness.
  • You’ve lost the physical weight and got a new shape, but you still aren’t feeling happy and whole in it.

  • You find yourself turning to food to cope with your feelings, and the voice of your inner critic keeps running the show.

  • You know it’s not about the food or being “thin,” but you need support to take yourself to a deeper level of transformation.

What if:

  • The nourishment you were seeking was not at all about food?
  • The quick diet fix was not a solution to a healthy life?

  • You are the expert and wisest teacher you've been searching for?

  • Being healthy and happy didn’t equate with being thin?

  • You were spending your resources and time chasing something outside yourself that innately exists within you already? 

  • This daily struggle wasn’t really about the food and your body?
  • The part of you you’ve always wished you could eliminate (your weight, body, obsession with food) was actually the pathway to freedom? 

I offer a loving space to explore and connect with yourself and discover what your relationship with food and your body is really about. No amount of food will ever heal your feelings of not being ok or good enough or touch the lack you feel inside. 

I pick up where nutritionists and therapists leave off!

I’m helping you:

  • Use your relationship with food as a direct path and metaphor around how you relate to your entire life.

  • Learn the unique rhythm that helps your body thrive instead of layering on another external “program” that doesn’t consider your individuality. 

  • Learn specific tools for how to eat based on what, when and how much your body needs through intuitive eating and self-care.

  • Return to the wisdom of your beautiful body.

  • Live from the inside out accepting all of who you are right now instead of waiting for the "perfect body" and "perfect weight."

  • Connect with what you are truly hungry for beyond food (e.g. feeling lit up with your career, satisfied with your relationships, increased love and acceptance of yourself, etc.)

  • Move beyond treating symptoms by getting to the root of healing your system.

  • Discover your natural weight and even more importantly the rapture of being fully alive!

  • Discover a world of wisdom, ease, aliveness, and love!