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*Coaching clients one-on-one in person in San Francisco and Skype 

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How can you move from simply surviving to deeply and authentically thriving?

Have you tried every diet only to find out the quick fix and deprivation doesn't actually work?  Are you curious to learn what really does and actually leads to sustainable change and freedom around food?

That's where the coaching comes in.  As your coach, I am offering a relational approach to healing as a foundation for getting in touch with yourself.  What makes me different from most nutritionists is that I incorporate emotional and psychological pieces which are often the root of our healing going beyond just paying attention to physical symptoms.  What makes me different from a therapist is that I understand the nutritional components around how the complex set of systems in your body work. As an Eating Psychology Coach, I pick up where nutritionists and psychologists leave off!

I invite you to reconnect with the innate wisdom that exists inside of yourself by using your relationship with food and your body and an opening to the life you truly want.  There's no one size fits all program and just as everybody is different, so is every body!  I will not hand you another "cookie cutter program" but tailor the sessions toward you.  I've got numerous tools in my toolbox through my non-diet approach to help you meet your goals.

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Watch Alexandria's appearance on The Oprah Show with Geneen Roth below!

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Excerpt of Alexandria's appearance on The Oprah Show with Geneen Roth:

One common problem women have with weight is the feeling that once they hit a certain number, their entire life will improve. Alexandria says this was her struggle before Geneen helped her conquer her food issues for good. "I lost that notion of dieting and counting calories to really questioning and looking at my believes about my life," she says. "I trust that the hunger that I have, that I can feel my feelings and be with them separately and I can nourish my body with what it wants and trust it."

Today, Alexandria says it feels as if someone turned up the volume on her life. "This work really helped me kind of click some of the pieces of the puzzle into place, and when I first started doing this work with Geneen—that's when it really accelerated using this as a doorway into my deeper self," she says. “I know I don't have to be finished with this work. I'm not a project to be constantly fixed and worked on. I'm whole right now as I am and everything we have, we need, is right in front of us at this moment. “

Written Summary of The Oprah Show: