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Class & Private Client Testimonials

“Our relationship with food is a broken part of most of us.  Beyond Weight Loss shows us how to find self-acceptance and a natural way of eating healthy – essential to any permanent weight loss program. I highly recommend it.” 
Dianne Giancarlo, Founder/Owner, 3rd Door 
"My goal was to stop obsessing about food and every bite I ate.   In this class, I learned much that I had not previously known, accomplished my goal and in addition lost weight.   It works!"

"I recently completed Alexandria's 6-week program and consider it to be one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.  I came away with an entirely new appreciation for myself and my journey, and robust set of tools to help me accomplish the new goals I have set."     -Chrysann Rudig, LE

"Working with Alexandria released me from wasting so much of my energy on worrying about food and weight.  I feel so much freer and accepting of myself and how I look.  With the tools and insight she provided me, I don't feel powerless anymore.  I can better focus on what my body is trying to tell me and trust it, which has been a gift." 

"Beyond Weight Loss was a radical experience of awareness and mindfulness. It moves one back in touch with the body and helps identify triggers, beliefs and automatic patterns that points one away from accessing the wisdom of the body. It was a deep wake up call and will carry you through a lifetime towards mindful eating and trusting the instinctual responses of your body.  I totally recommend the teachings to everyone - what a practice of self remembering and tapping into the resources with in our body - radical acceptance that isn't clouded by the overlay of unfounded beliefs, emotional pain or falling asleep to yourself. Waking up to yourself and building a practice of healthy nurturing that will carry through a lifetime- moving away from strict diets and eating practices that do not follow the natural rhythm of your body - putting the joy factor back into healthy eating minus the deprivation component." 

"What was most memorable from the class is how do-able it all seemed. I attended my first class with great apprehension and doubt, and quickly learned that I didn't need to worry. Everything was provided in such a non-threatening and even inviting manner. What was most powerful for me was how simple it all was and that the class confirmed something that I'd known for a long time: that the answer to my tortuous food behaviors lay somewhere within me, and not outside myself (which is where I had always been looking.) I have carried a level of awareness with me in all areas of my life since taking this class. I have struggled with food my entire life and this class was the first time I felt even a spark of genuine belief that things could be different for me. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone who has any undesirable or concerning behaviors around food." 

"I didn't totally know what to expect from my first few meetings with Alexandria, only that the words on her flyer resonated so deeply with me that I could not ignore them. I feel incredibly fortunate to have responded to that calling, because through our work, I have been able to open a new chapter in my life. I went in knowing exactly what I needed: how to deal with my body. What I was able to find in the process of getting there, was so much more profound. I feel lucky to know Alexandria, and to have her on my personal team. I could not be more grateful for our work together and the connection she's helped me establish to myself." 

"The Beyond Weight Loss class began in the midst of a lot of transition in my life. I think back on the class, and think of it as fate that the opportunity to be part of this class came into my life at the time that it did. This ideology of weight loss has always been a concept that I have struggled with my entire life. At this point in my life, I found myself in a position where I was trying to sift through many different stressors and felt as though they were controlling my life. I was postgraduate, trying to figure out a career path, and feeling excess stressors from family and friends. Instead of taking care of myself and my body with a positive attitude, I concentrate solely on what I was not accomplishing with a negative perspective.   

Through the class I gained a more healthy perspective of my health and happiness. The class also showed me just how much of a universal struggle weight loss can be for women. The class consisted of women with a variety of different backgrounds and in different stages of their life, but every Monday night I walked away with a feeling that I was not alone. That I was supported.

Alexandria created a relaxing environment where I felt comfortable talking to a group of people of an issue that I hold most private. It was difficult task, but she did so with such grace and acceptance that it allowed me to walk away with a stronger sense of self-acceptance. By becoming more accepting of my self, I was able to learn how to listen to my bodies true wants and needs with out allowing my mentality to be clouded. It's a life lesson that I will always hold close, and reflect back on. I would recommend this class to anyone who has the slightest belief that they do not feel in tuned with their body. You will be amazed while being introduced to the journey that your body is asking to take yourself on!"

"Working with Alexandria in our one on one sessions brought me SO much clarity around the beliefs I held regarding food and my relationship to it, she also taught me something HUGE that has completely changed my life...To question my beliefs! For so long I just took (pretty much) every thought in my head as the truth, even the feelings I would have I would automatically assume they were linked to a particular emotion which I would then proceed to react.  Working with Alexandria has completely shifted that within me. I can now just be curious about the sensations, beliefs and emotions going on inside of me and that has opened up so much space for self love and compassion that I didn't know was there before. 

The fact that I now look at my body and feel proud and confident and grateful for not only its form but its function is something that I never thought was possible unless I was at a certain size. That in itself is a GIGANTIC celebration that I celebrate everyday!!

My life has changed in many ways from working with Alexandria:
1. I am much more curious about what's going on in my body and I don't assume nearly as much as I used to. 

2. I feel so much more calm and at ease around food- learning about my "fear of future hunger" was big for me and I truly realize that the food will be there later. I don't have to scarf it all down this second- imagine that!

3. I'm not as black and white as I used to be when it comes to food and exercise and this really opened things up for me... I have learned to be compassionate with myself and celebrate all successes (big and small) rather than beat myself up for "not doing enough" and it may seem counterintuitive at first but the compassion and kindness that I show myself has allowed me to live a much healthier lifestyle!

Yes I most definitely would recommend others to work with Alexandria! She has walked the walk and truly holds a space of compassion and non judgement which I found so supportive and healing while working with her. She's also done (and continues to do) her own inner work and that in itself helps to create a safe space for the client to be raw and vulnerable and open to deep healing."